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pes 2013 data

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Meanwhile Discover the latest football game world famous PC - Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013 for Android apk data) with many interesting improvements. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a version of the game has received the most in 2012 - a product of Japanese developer Konami. After nearly two months of launch demonstration of its products, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has officially adopted the player's hand. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 promises to bring players a new breeze of gameplay, graphics and sound. If you had the opportunity to go nghem demo Konami released not long ago, players can feel the changes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, this time. In particular, the system of player movement in the game started to slip improve and become more flexible. For example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic big capital, but in the game, players can easily control the ball, keep the ball, dribble with this player. If a whole and not the individual strategies of the players, all positions in the field of some changes. The player will become advocates subtle shade strength and the ability to choose the location and attendance. The end, sometimes better than the performance of their duties is mounted close to the average of the other players and also to minimize the error of Vietnam. However, making the most important day in this version of PES 2013 is the change in the "boys keep the temple." More specifically, the goalkeeper becomes more agile in the opposite direction to the opposite front and has the ability to shoot the ball and sharpness to create the impression of a game against the attacks.

First, the heart of the game - game PES capital idiosyncratic always very attractive and very easy to learn. Once you get to the PES, players will experience a fast paced game and rushed. This is accomplished in part by power lines based on the game system, the longer you hold the fire button ball as high-speed lines. However, the PSA style is not "arcade" at all, because even if it is very easy to learn, but not easy to get players, simple gameplay of PES is easier to understand than those who were football players only. With exciting new features such as: Player ID, PES Full Control, Pro Active all holders of defense response redesigned, dynamic first touch, a touch ... Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ID of the player to meet an equally important that the player who portrays his fans a 'real' as possible another desired. Because the PES gameplay was quite full. So this new feature, however, is only for visual effect and does not affect the playability of the game. Finally, it can also help create new accents in the style and the experience admired players Version "of" real players as idols. Like its predecessors, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 supports most major European, Asia, the Americas, as the Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1 championship ... Going along with that is an important addition to the list of the best national teams in the world. Of course, as mentioned here, all the important elements, such as transfer, t, stadiums ... around the Konami team met and detail to provide experience to the players.

owever, a point is deducted Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has failed the "chronic illness" called copyright. For example, in addition to the league Ligue 1 Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, J-League Division 1, Division 2 J.League always full of author, the rest of the tournament, players will struggle with the team name, logo completely unknown. For example, in the Premier League, Manchester United is the only team that has the copyright Konami, Liga ZON Sagres with SL Benfica, SC Braga, FC Porto and Sporting Lisbon ... This factor makes it difficult to overcome rivals FIFA PES. To avoid disappointing the players, Pro Evolution Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer General 2013, in particular, gives players the best experience in terms of graphics. In PES 2013, Konami continues to demonstrate excellence through a series of design improvements: the players face, expression lines marked emotional or burned when the network is also more ... In addition, other interesting details as coach cheered outside edge image, rotate the camera around the player ... It will also give the game more interesting. The players, the stadium, the crowd of thousands of fans ... has been greatly improved and became more extreme, which promises to bring the excitement and pure sense of the great game of football player in every battle. In terms of audio, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not very different from its predecessor. The comment of the language, sounds enthusiastic button there is no obvious change. However, there is no denying they are great and have contributed greatly to the game of life.

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